Lenovo Group : Global Competitive Strategy

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Question 4: Lenovo Group Limited- Global Competitive Strategy
Lenovo became well-known only in 2004. Previously, the company has a long history since 1984 naming ‘Legend Holdings’ incorporating in Hong Kong, and finally become the largest PC company in China serving more than 160 customers around the world (Lenovo, 2015). Lenovo came from the combination between ‘legend’ (company’s old name), and ‘novo’ in Latin means ‘new’ (The New Yorks Time, 2008). The company has differentiated its brand name from other Chinese companies such as Huawei, ZTE in telecommunication, and Haier in appliances. It is considered the first step of Lenovo entering in global market since the brand name is recognizable. This report will mainly focus on Lenovo strategies that effectively bring the company to become competitive in global market.
‘Protect and Attack’ Strategy
This strategy is created in 2009 by Yang, the CEO. He mentioned that it is very important for the company to initially have a strong foundation in the Chinese personal computer (PC) market before competing in the global market (Strategy Business, 2014). The size of local market is one of the main factors driving Lenovo to grow not only domestically but globally (CSIS, 2013). For example, Lenovo uses Baidu program and Lenovo application in place of Google application in order to build a strong Chinese base since there is 64.9 percent of Chinese in mainland China who seldom use English (Academia, 2012). In
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