Lenovo Marketing Case Study

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Blunt the thrust of Dell’s “most likely” strategy and minimize its market penetration:  Target Market: Unlike Dell, Lenovo should target the lower-end of the market i.e., home, small business, small office, and medium business sector as its primary market as the needs of these sectors in terms of user sophistication, price sensitivity, order size, geographical spread, level of support, etc. directly matches with the existing business model of Lenovo. Lenovo can use a combination of scaling and granulation to increase its existing sales and distribution network in the PRC and at the same time cater to the increasing demand for consumer customization through a granulation strategy.  Product Offering: Lenovo should focus on increasing supply of current product offering as well as cater to the increasing trend of consumer customization by investing heavily in…show more content…
With respect to exhibit 8 and 9 from the case, we see that since its inception, the sales of Lenovo PC’s are increasing and hence by beefing up its sales and distribution Lenovo can grow its market share. Partnerships with other retailers, distributors and suppliers would help Lenovo to optimize its downstream activities and hence maintain an edge over its competition.  Product Offering: Over the years, the features that are demanded by consumers has drastically changed and assuming that change would be constant, Lenovo can invest heavily in research and development of new products and technology offering features such as mobile form factor and high-speed internet access. Lenovo also needs to form strong partnerships with other manufacturers and retailers so that it can bundle products together to increase the total value for the user in a single
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