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The report of Lenovo 's marketing strategy Author:Zhaofei(20095137) Niuyue (20095132) Grade and class: 2009-7 Time:10th,May,2012 Submitted to: Professor Yu contents SUMMERY-----------------------------------------------------------3 BRIEF INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------3 FINDINGS-----------------------------------------------------------3 1.The macro-marketing environment---------------------------------3 2. The micro-marketing environment--------------------------------4 3. Lenovo 's SWOT analysis----------------------------------------5…show more content…
And it stands for the country 's highest level in the field of computer technology. 2. The micro-marketing environment: Marketing micro environment essentially refers to the the company 's own environment and the business which is directly linked to units or individuals formed environment. 2.1 The threat of new distributors to potential industry: New competitors entering a certain segments of the market, can add new production capacity and a lot of resources, and fight for market share. The key lies in wether the new competitors can easily enter the fine market. This is the mainly due to the economies of scale, channel construction, the expected revenge factors. 2.1.1Possible entrants: the first one is the digital giants abroad which have not yet entered the Chinese market, and the others is downstream products, suppliers and retailers. 2.1.2The way of entrants : the appearance of new products, and the establish of a new brand. 2.1.3Potential entry barriers to entrant: economy of scale, product different barriers, capital demand barriers, the customer conversion cost, patent and proprietary technology. 2.2 The competition in the industry The product has a specific location, the user 's change to the existing brand are usually based on the disappointment. Because of the industry production capability, the computer industry is highly profitable high risk. 2.3. Substitute As China 's entry into the WTO, the competition will post the professional business

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