Lenovo S20 All Of One Pc

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Setup 1 Lenovo S20 All-in-One PC Contains an Intel Pentium quad core processor, along with 4GBs of RAM along with this there is a 500GB of storage that means it has enough memory to store the files and storage that’s needed, it has a windows 8.1 operating system however this can be upgraded to windows 10 due to it being free for 2015, a keyboard and mouse is not needed as it comes with it. Microsoft Office 365 Home, Licence Card, 5 Users, 1 year subscription (PC/Mac) Contains windows 365, for 5 users, or 5 devices for 1 year, this include all the Microsoft office types, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote. Each used for their specific task such as Excel for databases, publisher can be used to make posters…show more content…
Accompanied by windows 8.1, which can be upgraded to windows 10 due to it being free until the end of 2015. JETech® M0770 2.4GHz Wireless Mobile Optical Mouse A simple wireless USB mouse that is capable of changing the response rate due to its DPI state, it being wireless works well with the laptop as when the user is on the move they would be able to take this without losing any space for the laptop or any other apparatus or devices. Canon PIXMA MG5650 All-in-One Wi-Fi Printer • A printer that offers great versatility., being able to connect the printer easily, copy files, scan files to and from the documents all through high quality printing Easily connect print, copy and scan the way you want with high quality Wi-Fi All-In-One, 5 single inks that reduce the amount of times you have to change the ink colour. Norton Security 2.0 in 1 User 5 Devices Constantly monitoring your device, Notorn security is viable in keeping any private information safe, keeping the computer safe from any attackers and monitoring what the user is browsing in the terms of keeping the user away from the websites that contain any malware or spyware hidden in the code and along with when downloading anything if

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