Lenovo's Corporate Social Responsibility

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First of all, the article selects Lenovo as a case to analyze. Lenovo began to publish corporate social responsibility report from 2008. It is the first batch of Chinese enterprises concerned about corporate social responsibility. In recent years, Lenovo is always among the highest in the list of China 's corporate social responsibility. In 2013, its ranking rose to the second place. As a leading IT manufacture, Lenovo has put its value of responsibility into every practice of the company. Lenovo believes that enterprises should first do their own business, provide better products and services for the community. In addition, the enterprise should try to do more public welfare and take more responsibility. Lenovo has made efforts to enhance the transparency of information disclosure of social responsibility, also it establishes the normal communication mechanism with stakeholders and promotes combination of social responsibility concept and the enterprise daily operations. Combined with the above factors, this paper chooses Lenovo as the main body of the case analysis.

3.2 The analysis method of the case
Because this paper is a case study of a single company, so the method is different from the pervious research. This article does not build the model, process data and software analysis, it directly analyzes CSR practice cases and key performance data. The main source of examples and data is corporate social responsibility report and annual report over the period 2008-2013.…
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