Lentil as Anything

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There is a common business saying that “follow your passion and success will follow you”. Shanaka Fernando is a visionary businessman who has a passion for helping people. He decided to open a restaurant where customer would decide how much to pay for their meals and extra donations would fund another customer’s meal who normally could not afford. He opened Lentil as Anything nine years ago, which are now a chain of vegetarian restaurants across Melbourne. Lentil as Anything or Lentil for short, also believes in assisting their employees by sponsoring some of them get their Australian visa, and management have extended this culture by hiring people who are struggling to find employment.
However, despite Shanaka’s and his
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Hellsten and Klefsjö (2000) theorised that employee empowerment is an operation that encourages employees to act on quality-related issues and providing them resources and authority to act upon. This will provide workers the power and ability to make quality improvement decisions in their duties. Piercy (1995) suggest to first identify the problem in order to develop its process. This will provide factual data on customer satisfaction instead of assuming what customer need. After gathering customer satisfaction survey, the organisation should create strategies to meet customer satisfaction and then implementing these strategies comparative to customer’s expectations. Finally, management should review customer satisfaction data to confirm whether they are meeting these expectations. By conducting further survey, this will identify what areas need further improvements and it also confirms what areas of servicing customers have been achieved.

No financial management: Another major issue is there is no financial management within the operation of the firm. Although Lentils is non-profit organisation, the main issue is there no discipline put in place to manage the finances to accurately understand the operations in order to meet financial obligations. There are a number of issues that contribute to the financial mismanagement within Lentil. For example, the
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