Leo Burnett Case Study

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Leo Burnett Company Ltd.:
Marketing Strategy for “Forever Young”

Presented to: Leo Burnett Toronto, Canada
Presented by: Janet Carmichael
July 2001

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

Introduction 3 Background 3 Problem Statement 4

Analysis 4 Internal Analysis 4 External Analysis 5 2

Criteria 5

Alternative Selection and Evaluation 6

Recommendation and Implementation 9 Short Term Implementation 9 Long Term Implementation 10 Risk Mitigation 10

Exhibits 11 Exhibit 1: SWOT Matrix 11 Exhibit 2: Evaluation of Alternatives 12

Executive Summary Leo Burnett Company Ltd. (LB), founded in 1935, has become one of North America’s top advertising agencies with an outstanding reputation. Leo Burnett is highly
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The general spirit of camaraderie has been replaced with hostility and frustration; many LB members have left the company. Overall, this resulted in ineffective marketing and a success rate well below “action standards” for the national product launch in Canada: 50 against a base index of 100. The poor results and generally unsatisfactory project progress jeopardizes our client relationship with OBC, LB’s future dealings with the “Forever Young” brand, and the whole Ontann Beauty Care company.
Problem Statement Normally, I would decentralize the teams; however, due to the poor performance of the Toronto team, it is unclear as to how effective that would be at this point in time. The global advertising team of Leo Burnett Company Ltd. must be structured in a manner conducive to a positive client relationship with OBC and a successful launch of the “Forever Young” product line in the North American market.
Strengths: Since the establishment of Leo Burnett in 1935, much valuable experience has been gained through creating numerous well recognized brand icons and working with countless clients, such as Ontann Beauty Care. It has developed strong relationships with its clients and has maintained a high reputation. The success of the company lies within its employees. With LB’s high volume of work, the employees are very dedicated to fulfill all the requirements and to

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