Leon Trotsky aka Lev Davidovich

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Leon Trotsky also known as Lev Davidovich Bronstein was born on November 7, 1879.
He was born in Yanovka which is now known as Ukraine. When Trotsky was about eight years old his parents sent him to Odessa school, which is a major cultural center of multi-ethnic population. When he started his last year of schooling, which was when his life as a revolutionary began to take shape. It was in Nikolayev at the age of 17; Trotsky started to skip school and was going to talk with political exiles and also began reading pamphlets and books to get more acquainted with Marxism. Getting to know the subject more, he began to get more ideas in his head about the revolution and so it didn’t take long for to start planning something so he saw that something wasn’t right with the workers’ union, and then saw that no one was doing anything about it. So in 1897, Trotsky decided to help found the South Russian Workers’ Union and for his activities with this particular union he was arrested in January 1898, that’s when he joined the Social Democratic party. Leon Trotsky had to serve two years in prison but after those two years he was trailed and exiled to Siberia. At a transfer prison Trotsky met Alexandra Lvovna, also a co-revolutionary who had also been sentenced to four years in prison; they got married and then had two daughters while they were in prison. After serving only two years of his four years in prison, Trotsky escaped and was smuggled out of town and was given a forged, blank

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