Leon and Snowball Comparison

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George Orwell, writer of the book Animal Farm captures important aspects of the Russian Revolution and portrays them in a humorous and more understandable way. Each animal represents an important person or event that happened during this time. Snowball is a pig that lives on Mr. Jones farm who is enthralled at the idea of a Revolution and one of the main animals to help get it going. The inspiration for his character was from important revolutionist, Leon Trotsky. Snowball was modeled after him, showing most of his character trails and interest. Most of the people and events that look place throughout Trotsky’s life are also incorporated in Snowball’s life. Orwell’s imagination ran wild as he wrote this memorable story so that he might …show more content…
When he got out, he helped tremendously with the founding of the Soviet Union and organized the Red Army. As he left to help other city’s form their own union he was arrested and sentenced to life without rights but he escaped after ten years. From then he was head of the Red Army and Commissioner of War. In the Battle of Cowshed, Snowball, so greatly led the animals just as his comparison did with the Red Army. Trotsky traveled around rapidly trying to spread the revolution Snowball sent pigeons around too tell everyone about what was happening. In the beginning Snowball and Napoleon were on good terms but as things progress and Napoleon realizes that Snowball is by passing him in everything he kicks him out. Then throughout the rest of Animal Farm is trying to kill him. These two had the same relationship as Stalin and Trotsky. Never agreeing and great at many things Trotsky is then kicked out by Stalin and Stalin tries too assassinate Trotsky on many occasions. In the end both truly just wanted a better society and just wanted there views to be known. Animalism is a system in which the animals made up and used to govern themselves as they entered into this new form of life. Marxism, a form of Communism made up by a man named Karl Marx and follow by Leon Trotsky. Both Snowball and Trotsky had great respect and passion for what they believed. Marxism basically wants there to be
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