Leonard Da Vinci

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Hello to everyone reading my diary, I’m Alain ! It is nice to meet you, and oh boy do I have a lot to share with you guys! I have seen it all, from the amazing art done by my fellow Lascaux peoples, to the art that one of my so called “friends”, Leonard da Vinci created during the 15th century, all the way to the impressionism paintings done by artists that I came across! What a great journey it has been. Let’s get started by introducing one of my dearest friends, Achal Brice. He didn’t make his name in the history books, as he liked to do his art anonymously and to just get the art out there to show to people. This is what I loved about this friend. He drew paintings and made art because that was his true passion, not to get fame and not to get money. He liked to draw things from his memory, like in the example of the “Bison cave…show more content…
I know that seems like a while back, and trust me, it really was. He did a great job with the coloring, because it shows a lot of shape. The art was done with whatever earth material he could find, which I found to be very interesting. Along with this, he also produced the, “Horse cave art.” He wanted to show people that they the people had control over the animals. I think he did a great job of showing this as the coloring of the horse made it apparent that it was successfully being haunted. This was also done by using pigment on cave walls, and was also done underground. I think he did a very good job with this because the animals he drew looked very lifelike, and they were also accurately colored. He also told me that they didn’t use a binder, as the colorants just rubbed on the walls. I called him crazy since I thought this must have been very difficult to deal with! Well it was fun remembering about my old friend Achal, member of the Ancient Lash Coahaa peoples, but I think it is now time to talk about art that was done along while after my friend’s
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