Leonard Koscianski's Red Fish is More than Meets the Eye

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. Description
At first glance, the Red Fish looks like a decoration piece that someone would hang in their home or lake house for decoration. However, with a more in depth look, viewers will see that this painting illustrates much more than it appears. In 1990, Leonard Koscianski used a piece of canvas, 64’’x46’’ to paint the image of a fish out of water. Koscianski used oil and dark shades of red, orange, blue, green, and white to create the Red Fish. The Red Fish was painted vertically with the fish as the main focus point. Behind some green blade grass, a large red- orange fish appears to be leaping out of the water. The size of the fish helps show that the fish is the center piece of the painting. Behind the fish there is a small patch of land, filled with blade grass with two white house’s sitting off in the distance. Directly behind the houses is a section of woods. From left to right, the tree tops seem to follow and up and down pattern. The dark blue sky begins at the tree line and ends at the top of the painting. Throughout the sky there are patches of clouds that are an off white color. The contrast between the colors used by Koscianski show a lot of detail, but did not take away from the huge red- orange fish. Along with the color scheme, Koscianski used lines to add detail to the fish and to provide depth to the painting. With proper use of colors and lines, Koscianski was able to create the Red Fish. In 1991, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

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