Leonardo Da Vinci : A Man Behind His Time Essay

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Leonardo da Vinci was a great inventor, scientist, engineer, architect, and artist, as well as possibly the greatest mind the world has ever –and possibly will ever- know. Leonardo da Vinci, if he were alive today, could quite possibly rival Stephen Hawking. Leonardo da Vinci was a man ahead of his time. He drew machines that we are still trying to figure out today, and he drew gears and systems that work in machines today. His drawing of anatomy helps doctors today, including his drawings of the human heart. Leonardo da Vinci made weapons for wealthy patrons, including those weapons that were just for show. Leonardo da Vinci was truly a Renaissance Man, well ahead of his time in his inventions, drawings, paintings and studies of human anatomy.
Leonardo da Vinci mastered many areas of study, including anatomy, which he had believed made him a better artist. He believed in “the accumulation of knowledge through observation” (Leonardo da Vinci Biography). He saw art and science as a single, “entwined” area of study, instead of two different areas (Leonardo da Vinci Biography). He believed his knowledge of anatomy caused him to be a better artist.
Leonardo da Vinci built weapons and inventions for money, but many weapons had purposeful flaws that rendered them useless, as Leonardo was thought to be a pacifist. The armored car, for example, had wheels that were in two sets, one that spun forward, and the other that spun backward. Another weapon that Leonardo da Vinci invented
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