Leonardo Da Vinci And The Mona Lisa

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Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian artist who left a great deal of significance in art history. Da Vinci did not receive any formal education beyond the basics. He did however self educate himself. He covered numerous notebooks front to back with brainstorming inventions, observations, and innovations about the pursuits from aeronautics to anatomy (The History Channel). When he was younger, his father appreciated his artistic skills and was able to get Leonardo da Vinci an in with the famous artist Andrea del Verrocchio. Del Verrocchio taught da Vinci a great deal about painting and sculpting. With del Verrocchio’s encouragement and inspiration, Leonardo da Vinci spent many years perfecting pieces, some of which were never completed such as “The Adoration of the Magi”. There were other members around his community who asked for sculptures and paintings by da Vinci, none of which became as famous as the “Mona Lisa”. Leonardo da Vinci was an intelligent and talented man who left the people either praising him or ignoring him. Leonardo da Vinci’s best work today that has left an impact in art history is known as “Mona Lisa”. It is not for sure, but recent research has left historians to believe that Mona Lisa is actually Lisa Gherardini, who was the wife of Francesco de Giocondo, a rich silk merchant from Florence. It is understood that Francesco demanded the painting for their home in celebration of their new child. That being said, Mona Lisa, or Lisa Gheraradini is just a
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