Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci: The Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci was a successful man in more areas than artwork. From the time he was a boy, he began studying the arts as well as the ideas of science, medicine, machinery, and much more. Da Vinci’s history is reflected in his paintings and inventions that have been able to change the world of then and now. Leonardo’s artistic vision led him down a prosperous path of life that has made him one of the most innovative individuals the world has seen. With the help of a lot of childhood exposure to the arts, along with the natural creativity born inside of him, Leonardo Da Vinci changed the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries through his work. Hardworking and curious from the beginning, Leonardo dove into any information he could get his hands on in order to fulfill his natural talents of creation. Just at the age of 15 he began to work with his father at the Verrochio work shop where he took the biggest step in his artwork. He grew up around great artists, Verrochio himself, and mastered all the challenges art had too offer. He became so good that around the age of 20 he made Verrochio retire in art, as well as become one of the most famous painters known in Italy. Shortly after he began to work for a Duke, which is where he began to branch into sculpting, designing buildings as well as weapons and machinery. Leonardo was never a man of war because he hated the idea of people dying, but he had to pay his bills some how and that’s the
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