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There are not many men in the history of the world that have inspired, influenced and revolutionized the modern world as Leonardo da Vinci has. His works in Arts, Science, Engineering and many others has influenced many people in their respective fields. His works in Engineering such as the designing of a machine that can fly has gone on to influence the Wright brothers who invented the airplane. His research in Anatomy and other biological works has made pathways for surgeons, doctors, and many scientists in their research. Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings are considered to be the best in the world and priceless which led the pathway to painters creating lifelike paintings with emotion. Overall, Leonardo Da Vinci has been described as the…show more content…
From 1485 to 1490, Leonardo produced studies on loads of subjects, including nature, flying machines, geometry, mechanics, municipal construction, canals and architecture; designing everything from churches to fortresses. Also during that period he produced his first studies on anatomy. Leonardo's interest were so many that many of his works were left unfinished and only few of his paintings were finished such as "The Last Supper" and "The Virgin on the Rocks," and he left dozens of paintings and projects incomplete. He spent most of his time studying science, either by going out into nature and observing things or by locking himself away in his workshop cutting up bodies or searching universal truths. He developed the habit of recording his research, thoughts, and studies in a notebook; his works covered painting, architecture, the elements of mechanics, and human anatomy. Over the next 16 years, Leonardo worked and traveled throughout Italy for a number of employers and it was during this time he met Niccolo Machiavelli who was also considered a genius much like Leonardo during the Renaissance era. In the coming years, Leonardo Da Vinci finished many of his few paintings such as the "Mona Lisa" and many others. In 1516, he was offered the title of Premier Painter and Engineer and Architect of the King by Francis I in France. He suffered from paralysis on his right hand

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