Leonardo The Artist, By Maria Vittoria Brugnoli And The Last Section

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I have currently finished reading the book Leonardo The Artist. The book is made up by three of Da Vinci’s scholars. One part of the book entitled “The Painter” is by Anna Maria Brizio, the other part is “The Sculptor” which is interpreted by Maria Vittoria Brugnoli and the last section is “The Teacher” by André Chastel. The book is comprised of Da Vinci’s notebooks with sketches and comments on his work in progress; all of which was rediscovered in 1965. The general purpose for this book is to show Da Vinci’s ideology surrounding art and intellectual findings that contributed to his talent. Leonardo Da Vinci was more than just a painter. He was also considered a sculptor and a teacher. He found interest in mathematic, science and nature. This book reveals how boundless Da Vinci’s curiosity was. Da Vinci trained as a painter in the studio of Andrea Verrocchio. He devoted long hours to the study of nature even on holy days. Da Vinci explored every branch of science known at his time and proved to many that he was far ahead of his time. This is exemplified in his precise observations and the value he placed on empirical truth. Da Vinci states, “No human investigation can be called true science without going through mathematical tests…” (page 16) This basically refers to the scientific method. In sketch after sketch, his notebooks cite his preoccupation with architecture both as an artistic expression and as a technical problem. In his painting of the town plan of

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