Leonardo da vinci Essay

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Leonardo Da Vinci
     Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of many worlds. He was a great influence inhis time. Leonardo was known as many things. He was known as a sculptor, architect, writer, musician,philosopher, engineer, and scientist. But most of all he was known for his impressive paintings that influenced the world.
     Leonardo was born in Anchiano, Italy on April 15, 1452, to Piero Da Vinci, a prominent public official in Florence, and a peasant woman named Caterina. He was born out of wedlock and shortly after his birth they were married, but not to each other. As an infant, Leonardo was cared for by other family members; his uncles, grandmother, and
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Although most people think of Leonardo da Vinci as an artist,he was also known for other things. Throughout his life, he had some incredible ideas in the area of science. He has sketched out many amazing designs for working machines and technology. The amazing thing about this was that none of
DA Vinci's inventions or creations were even recognized or expanded upon until 300 to 400 years later. Like the airplane or glider, Leonardo invented or developed these incredible machines, but they were not expanded upon until years later. He was also known as a man of science because of his drawings of the human body. In his free time,
Leonardo decided to figure out how the human body works.
Around 1503 he dissected over 25 human bodies and made sketches and notes in order to figure the human body out.
     Not only was he very smart, but we all know that he had wonderful hands that painted like none of us could ever dream of doing. Some of his paintings like “The Last
Supper” and the “Mona Lisa” are the popular paintings of the Renaissance period. He also painted “Portrait of
Ginevra de Benci”, “Annunciation”, “Lady with an Ermine”,
“Portrait of a Musician”, “La BelleFerroniere”, “Madonna of the Rocks”, and “Virgin and Child with St. Anne”.     In 1493,
Leonardo began to paint one of his most famous work, “The
Last Supper” in a convent located just outside of Milian.
This painting took Leonardo

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