Leonard's Argumentative Essay

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n the other hand I believe Leonard's argument needed a more substantial reason closing paragraph ; in my opinion it felt rushed and out of the blue. Why would the average reader care about what is considered a gaming machine now a days? I understand he uses this point to join everyone together at the end with “ We're all gamers. And that's all right.” but to me while it wasn't a fallacy seemed lack-luster. I would have used one final quote, here from “Gamer's Crave Sense of Control: Feeling Competent Matters More than Violence, Blood” written by Laura Sanders, “ A common belief held by many gamers and many in the video game industry- that violence is what makes a game fun- is strongly contradicted by these studies”( 2009). With that quote at…show more content…
Midway Games ( D. Conn. 2002). The reason this case is “harmful” lies within the case text of what happened “Yancy was addicted to a video game manufactured by Midway called Mortal Kombat, and that Yancy was so obsessed with the game that he actually believed he was the character Cyrax.” when he stabbed and killed his friend named Noah Wilson in 1997. The implications of this are major and would drive the public in a panic which would negate the whole ideology “Yes, there are cesspools. But they can be avoided”(Leonard, 2015). The rest that follows isn't of much consequence to Leonard's argument but I will state the whole case. Midgard argues that “Mortal Kombat is not a "product" that can give rise to a product liability claim” based almost entirely on that statement the U.S District court ruled in favor of Midgard and Wilson's claims were dismissed entirely. The aspect of video games being not a product that can give rise to a liability claim that will definitely change in the future with how games are being developed. Recently I learned from the Virtual Reality Society, gaming technology has made huge strides and that now people can even wear helmets and interact within the game. I believe the courts claim will change because if your immersed in a product which makes it so you can't see reality and while playing it you somehow injure yourself be it mental or physical. The game would definitely have to take reliability for a injury it
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