Leone Electric Services Of Leone

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Contents Introduction: 2 Marketing segmentation: 4 Marketing targeting: 5 Marketing Positioning: 5 ANSOFF Matrix: 6 Marketing Mix: 6 Major Factors Affecting Customers Behaviour: 7 Conclusion: 9 Referenses: 10 LEONE ELECTRIC SERVICES MARKETING Leone Electric is a new company that provides electrical services, and is registered with NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers) who are approved ‘Competent Person Scheme’. A NAPIT registered company, has to be supervised by a competent electrician who has full knowledge of BS7671 to current 17th edition standards (IEE, 2002). Electrical certificate has to be issued for all work installed by NAPIT…show more content…
They are buying what those offers will do for them”. With Leone, as shown on figure 1 below, the core benefit is safety, as work carried out by NAPIT approved company. While actual service will include high quality to BS7671 standard. Finally augmented service will include work guarantee by NAPIT. There are different types of customers in the market, part of the business plan is to divide and concentrate on market strategies, which can be achieved by Segmentation, targeting and positioning (Chamber & Gray, 2010). Figure 2 Steps in market segmentation, targeting and positioning Market Segmentation: As markets depend on customers and customers may differ in their needs, wants, their resources, locations, buying practice and attitudes (Kotler, et al., 2008, p. 410). The business can find who their customers are in each market segment, by drawing a customer profile that can be performed by market research. There are four major ways for segmenting consumer markets. Geographically, the main focus for Leone will be the Shoreditch area, where most of the property management offices are located. Psychographic ally, they share personal trails, values, attitudes and lifestyle, as demographically, their age is between 30-55 with a decent income and they
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