Leonid Afremov Research Paper

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One artist that never fails to inspire me is Leonid Afremov. Afremov is still alive today and continues to create amazing works of art. He makes sure to put his whole heart into his work and the way he does this with his distinctive style stands out to me the most. Even when facing kidney damage and oppression, never once did he decide to quit his dream. Artist Leonid Afremov was born on the twelfth of July, 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus. His parents are Bella Afremov, who worked in a metal factory, and Arkadiy Afremov, who worked as a shoe designer and maker. Afremov and his parents lived a traditional Jewish home. Inessa Kagan agreed to marry him in 1976 after knowing each other for a year and had a son, Dmitry not long after the marriage. The three of them had to live with Inessa’s…show more content…
Most of his works contain bright colors, cityscapes, and nature. His artwork contains his own personal feelings and past life, and can give anyone from any age warm emotions. He’s usually not one to paint offensive or political works and no artwork of his has hidden messages behind it. Afremov is a modern self-representing artist associated with with the impressionist art movement. He struggled at first but eventually managed to create his own, unique style not often confused with the work of others. Respecting old customs, he works to prove that gracefulness in art is still a thing. Oils are Afremov’s main medium. Instead of painting with the normal brushes, he uses a palette knife. In his early years, he started with watercolor and acrylics to appeal to masses, then switched back to his current style once he started getting money. Being born in the same town, Afremov was close to the artist Marc Chagall and was greatly influenced by him. He’s a huge fan of Dali, Picasso, and Modigliani. Musician Leonid Ptashka became his friend and helped him along the way. Afremov also knew local artist Barowski who gave him private
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