Leonidas Leadership Qualities

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Classical World on Film – “Leadership on Screen” essay - 300 The movie that I chose to analyze for leadership was 300 (Zack Snyder, 2006). There are many characters in the movie that express leadership qualities. The one that stood out to me was Leonidas. From a historical standpoint, most of the information about Leonidas comes from a single Greek historian. He rose to power in 490 B.C. after his half-brother died in questionable circumstances. He trained from childhood as a hoplite, the same as all Spartan men. While king, his duties we split between being a political influence and commanding the army (History.com). All great leaders share specific traits such as courage and intelligence. From these traits stem more specific qualities seen in some leaders but not all. The ability to plan strategically, charisma, a focus on a specific goal,…show more content…
It is in short, his ability to do and his understanding of different situations. Per history.com, Leonidas was a “military leader as well as a political one.” In the movie, this does not show. He butts heads with the Spartan council over going to war and acts rashly and without thinking such as killing the envoy from. The use of camerawork seems to work against him. The very same shot used to show his courage by charging into battle, is an example of him not thinking strategically or using cunning. In the movie, the Spartans fight the battle at the front of The Hot Gates, strategically this is one of the worst places. Ideally the director would have placed the Spartans in the rear of the passage as that would funnel the Persian troops and stop them from spreading out; It would also limit the Spartans’ exposure to archery fire. The videographers and editors made a choice to show Leonidas’ character and commitment through the battlefield. They chose instead to show his strategic planning through his tactics conversations with the
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