Leopold Land Pyramid

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In our society, it is hard to speak publicly in regards to conservation. Some groups of people label you as a political leper who use your concern about conservation as a barometer for all your other political stances. As stated by Leopold conservation is paved with good intentions but it is stunted by the lack of understanding of the public. I believe some points Leopold makes would really benefit the outlook of conservation with the majority of the public and aide its progress. If the public were to have a more comprehensive understanding of the environment and how it works I think more people would be on board to protect it.

A paramount idea Leopold makes that would be key to improving the public’s attitude about conservation is that land
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While this is something that I feel is quite common knowledge these days I believe this provides a strong base to build an understanding of conservation on. Leopold describes his land pyramid as a more visual representation on how the organisms of an ecosystem interact with one another to keep the system healthy and functioning. The pyramid he describes explained how energy Is transferred through an ecosystem. It is similar to how food chains show a visual representation. Leopold includes man as a layer in his pyramid and explains how we can affect our surrounding environment. He further explains how evolution is a slow process and man can have a dramatic effect on the environment at a rapid pace. The effects of man can disrupt the pyramid and flow of energy. The adaptations of the land struggle to keep pace with…show more content…
Once such obstacle being the modernization of our society. Our society claims our progress and technology as our greatest achievement, but it has become a hindrance. Our gadgets and lifestyle have separated our society from vast lands around us. The closest most people get to nature is through a screen or while driving to a destination. If more people would go out to nature I believe it would help reconnect our society to nature. This re-connection is an important aspect of support for conservation. You see this often in national parks, people care more about a certain environment after they have been there in person. Just imagine if even more people went and supported more protected wild
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