Leprosy: The Peripheral Nervous System

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Introduction: Leprosy is a bacterial infection that causes various problems. In some cases leprosy can be very dangerous without treatment. Leprosy can be treated, but it is a long process. Leprosy was once one of the most feared diseases, but with medical advancement leprosy is not as feared as it once was. Leprosy affects the nervous system which causes loss of felling in limbs. Leprosy also cause skin disfigurement and lesions (Brenda Wilmoth1, 2, 3).
Body System Most Affected: The peripheral nervous system is highly affected because Leprosy cause harm to nerves away from the spinal cord and brain. The peripheral nervous system allows people to respond and react to their environment around them. Without the peripheral nervous system we wouldn’t be able to detect pain heat and other things that cause harm our body. If we can’t detect them our brain will not know to stop what we are doing to cause this pain (Carnagie 1, 2). …show more content…

The bacteria cell looks like a pill capsule with a long tail called a flagella. Attached to the outside of the capsule like cell are spaghetti like pili. Around the cell is a cell wall. The cell wall, capsule cytoplasmic membrane are all like a wall around the cell. The Ribosomes are like a bunch of tiny little dots within the cell wall. In the middle of the cell is the nucleoid. The cytoplasm is a jell like structure contain of the cells interior parts. The nucleoid is scattered strands of DNA. I looks a lot like pieces of hair woven

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