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LeRoy Karas Ecomap Review Deborah Spann Kaplan University HN144 Human Behavior and the Environment Professor Joanna Pintar November 17, 2012 LeRoy Karas seemed to be a young man who had a future in sports stemming from his athletic abilities and physical build which lead to a scholarship in football. His outgoing personality and good looks made him popular with the ladies and on the party scene. He was also favored by his parents over his year younger brother Elroy. After entering college on a scholarship, LeRoy spent more time parting than studying and he became more dependent on alcohol and lost his scholarship. Soon after he dropped out of college he met his first wife, she became pregnant, they married and after 2…show more content…
LeRoy is now at 64 is in middle adulthood but is transitioning into his late adulthood where his biological capabilities would have been reduced on their own but now exacerbated by his chronic alcoholism. At this age his social responsibilities would be increasing yet his social skills and circles of friends and families are non existent. According to Levinson's life structure, LeRoy will be forced in this transition period of his life to face review of the relationships and structures that have been built or destroyed and will face the need to explore his options or either to move forward and try to repair the damage he has caused or find an escape route through suicide. According to Eric Erikson's theory of psychological development LeRoy suffered from identity confusion in adolescence expressing itself in continued adolescent behavior, poorly thought out actions in his lifestyle with child like behaviors that lead him to evade acting as a responsible adult. According to Erickson LeRoy in entering into stage 8 which is integrity versus despair, where he will be reflecting on his life and accepting the choices he has made. LeRoy is currently lacking generativity and has become self-absorbed in himself and his needs with disregard for others. He has no drive is not a productive member of society. If I

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