Leroy Karas Life Struggles

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He went to college on a football scholarship but college did not last long for him. He had several bad marriages and Leroy over indulged in drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and over time took a toll on his health. He has six children whom he does not have a relationship. Leroy throughout his life has been unable to hold down a steady job or be responsible leaving him in financial distress. His lifelong habits have left him alone at the age of 64 Leroy fell while drunk and suffered a fractured skull, which left him permantly disabled. He now resides in a low quality nursing home receiving low quality care. Elroy does think of his brother from time to time and sends him a birthday cards but Leroy does not reciprocate. The strongest systems that influence Leroy’s behavior are his health, income, nursing home, caregivers and his brother. Leroy’s health has affected every aspect of his life, which includes his present residence and financial status and even his relationships. Leroy’s income social security has influenced his way of living and overall demeanor. Leroy is not a pleasant person to be around putting strain on the interactions with his caregivers. The relationship with his brother is only one sided. His brother does think of him but Leroy does not reach out to him for support. According to Erickson, in the final stage of life one goes through a reflection period where one…
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