Les Fetes

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Brianna Jackson Period 3 12/15/15 Les Fêtes Christmas is one of the most important festivals. It is celebrated ever year on 25th December. It was on this day that Lord Jesus Christ was born. Christians wear new clothes and attend special prayers in the church on Christmas. The churches are lit up on the 'Christmas eve, an evening before Christmas. On Christmas, Christians sing carols and pray together in the church. All the family members decorate Christmas trees with toys, decorative lights, balloons and candles. Children believe that it is Santa Claus who brings gifts for them. Christmas is a festival of joy and peace. But Christmas is celebrated differently in many countries. Variations during this time include different meals,…show more content…
In America there is no set way of celebrating Christmas. Because the united states is a melting pot of all cultures you can see many different views on the holidays. In the U.S though we do have some basic traditions. In the U.S many families decorate their houses with colorful lights and decorations such as garland. During December many cities and towns in the U.S put up large Christmas trees and through festivals that feature ice skating and sledding. Many households have Christmas trees of their own that they decorate with lights and ornaments as well. On Christmas eve families customarily leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus. Children leaving stocking hanging on the fireplace for Santa to fill and then he also leaves their one Christmas wish under the tree. In the U.S Santa is believed to have 12 reindeer that fly his slay around the world. On Christmas day families’ open gifts and then share a meal. The traditional meal for the U.S Christmas is turkey or ham with cranberry sauce and assorted sides. In the evening on Christmas is when most religious families attend a special church service to remember the birth of Christ. Although all countries celebrate Christmas differently they all share the same want for peace on earth. This was proven during World War 1 Christmas cease fire of 1914. When French, British, and German troops stopped fighting to celebrate Christmas. This event proves that all men no matter the circumstance can come together and can
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