Les Miserable Scene Analysis

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The scene that I have chosen to apply my learning in this term to, as well as specifically analyze, is the 2012 Universal and Working Title Films production of the movie-musical Les Misérables, directed by Tom Hooper. This musical focuses on the lives of several characters in France during the early 1800’s; Jean Valjean is an ex-convict who breaks parole to start a new life, Javert is the chief of police dedicated to upholding the law, Fantine is a single mother who turns to prostitution as a way to provide for her child Cosette, and more. The scene I am fixated on details Fantine in the wake of losing her job and realizing she needs to make money to support her child. This scene is impactful and striking because of its dealing with the topic of prostitution and unemployment, as well as being a pivotal part of the film dramatically with live singing and superb acting. The scene is also a pristine example of multiple film techniques such as close up camera shots, setting, lighting, actors, singing, and sounds in general. To briefly summarize the scene, I will start with some basic background information on the main character during this specific time in the film. Fantine is a single mother who is working at a tailoring house with many other women, until she is thrown out onto the street. She is thrown out because her fellow female tailors, and male boss (who was a bit more than friendly) found out Fantine had a daughter and thought she could bring only trouble. Her daughter
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