Les Miserables: an Analysis

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Les Misérables By Victor Hugo An Analysis by Neyko Gelo L. Dela Cruz, 3-11 August 3, 2015 INTRODUCTION Victor Hugo Victor Marie Hugo, born on February 26, 1802, was a celebrated French author during the Romantic Movement and is best known for his poetry and his novels including The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Les Misérables. His father served as a high-ranked officer in Napoleon’s army. Since it is against his mother’s wishes, Hugo married Adele, who was his childhood friend, only after his mother’s death in 1821. Hugo’s oldest daughter, Leopoldine, died of drowning when a boat overturned. He described his grief in his famous poem A Villequier. Thereafter,…show more content…
The novel now introduces another leading character, Marius Pontmercy. He lives with a group of students, the Friends of the A.B.C. His peace is shattered when he falls passionately in love with a beautiful young girl. She is Cosette. Marius courts her silently. Valjean and Cosette were vanished. But Thénardier's daughter, Eponine, who is selflessly in love with Marius, manages to find Cosette for him. After courting Cosette from afar, Marius finds the courage to admit his love. Cosette reciprocates. Valjean has decided to take Cosette to England. Distracted by his love, Marius has been unaware of the worsening political situation. His friend Enjolras directs the building of a barricade. The first enemy he has to deal with is Javert, who they unmasked as a spy and tied up to await execution. Marius decides to seek death because of despair. He joins the defense at the barricade and fights to the end. Valjean also joins, but for special reasons. He has discovered Marius' relationship with Cosette and his role in the revolution. For Cosette's sake, he decides to protect Marius. Before the final battle, Valjean volunteers to execute Javert. Instead, he spares the inspector's life and sends him away. Then Valjean returns to the barricade. He seizes the seriously wounded Marius, disappears into a manhole, and passes through the sewers of Paris. Unfortunately, Javert arrests him at the exit. However, he allows

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