Les Miserables and Great Expectations

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Love is Love The power of love is a strong thing that can alter a person’s life and that is showcased quite often within books such as Les Miserables and Great Expectations. They also proved how different love can be for different people. Not necessarily saying one works better than the other, but how it can truly affect your life or even others around you. Pip idolizes Estella and therefore it causes him to change himself to fit her needs. On the other side of things, Marius and Cosette possess a very pure love where acts of love eventually bring them together. They couldn’t be more different. Love is the driving force in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations novel. There’s many different themes within this book, although love is absolutely the most apparent. The book explores how you are products of what your circumstances are and it shows how Pip handles the circumstances in which he has been placed. Pip is motivated by love. Everything about his life points back to his love for Estella and he constantly expresses affection towards her. Estella wants nothing to do with him though. She’s cold and acts rude towards Pip, but it doesn’t stop him from pursuing her continuously. Meanwhile, Biddy, another young girl, expresses interest in Pip. Everything Estella is, Biddy is the complete opposite. She’s endearing and supportive of Pip. Meanwhile, Pip treats Biddy essentially how Estella acts towards Pip; cold. Pip basically ignores any of Biddy’s efforts and is blinded by his
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