Lesbian, Bisexual And Gay

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Xiaolu Fan
Sara N. Sylvester
ENG 21011
Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay (LGB) People in Society
Most nations in the modern world are conscious about morals and values of their culture on lesbian, bisexual, and gay populations. Activities and ideas on sexual relationships that have emerged recently are deemed controversial to what most cultures value. Sexual orientation has been and remains a taboo topic even in the modern society. In the past, all people were taught to adhere to their cultural values as opposed to what is experienced today. The teachings included the value for marriage, respect for parents and community, and self-respect of an individual. The morals are not adhered to in the modern world; the role of
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The influence of gay relations is perceived to contradict the morals of the society. Parents influence their children stands on LGB people. Cunningham & Melton (2012) use an example that parents who are biased against and cannot let their children be coached by an LGB people are likely to pass the attitude to their children. Religious and cultural biases are also viewed to contribute to prejudice against gay relations.
Despite increased studies on human sexuality, there are still areas, which lack adequate understanding and acceptance in the mainstream society. According to the article point out by Cox, Bimbi, and Parsons (2013), “based upon previous research about social contact with stigmatized groups, the authors explored the impact of various types of social contact, (e.g., dating, socializing, friendship, sex) on binegativity among lesbians and gay men” (p. 215). Bisexuality involves romantic attractions of one individual to men and women. Cox, Bimbi, and Parsons (2013) claims that the individuals as being incapable of maintaining a monogamy relationship or sexually promiscuous and carriers of sexually transmitted diseases.
They exist amongst women and men in the society. Cox, Bimbi, and Parsons (2013) refers that some researchers relate bisexual to heterosexuality and homosexuality while others argue that the two are different erotic dimensions. Religious
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