Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Health Essay

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Kevin Hascher

Professor Lanier

BI 125


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health

Although the issue of LGBT+ has been thrust to the forefront of issues in contemporary society, this is a battle that has affected social, political and health-related spectrums of our communities for decades. For many years, homosexuality was thought to be a psychiatric illness. In fact, it was defined as such by the APA until 1974. Gay conversion therapy was fairly popular, subjecting numerous patients to horrendous acts of torture in the name of medicine(source 3). On top of these brutal and quite frankly inhumane acts, there were laws and regulations prohibiting homosexuality. Although very loosely acted upon, it was these documents that paved the way for discrimination of LGBT members of the society to be discriminated against. Men and women alike could be easily discriminated against when trying to obtain housing or applying for immigration(Source 2). Without being able to partake in society as a functioning person, the disparity between sexual minorities and their heterosexual counterparts grew immensely. Through the ever increasing presence of LGBT figures in modern day media such as gay NFL player Michael Sam and former olympiad Caitlyn Jenner, it is obvious that the tolerance for these once secluded members of society is growing at a monumental pace. The world is becoming a more hospitable environment for LGBT+ members to live their lives without fear
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