Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Inclusion Essay

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What is equality? Is it just a political nomenclature or an ideological concept? Or is about working towards creating a fairer society in which each individual can enjoy his/her rights and freedom without any judgement considering that “[w]e will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.” Will Rogers (1924, p210).
The task of this is essay is not so much to find the bona fide implications of the word “equality”, but rather to clarify its meaning towards individuals. It will seek to analyse how oppression and discrimination are related to inequality and will gradually develop into exploring how an individual’s sexual orientation can lead to social exclusion. Towards the end, the essay will
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Oppression by definition is an act of cruelty, it cannot longer pass as ignorance or mistake, and it dehumanizes an individual by abusing an unjust power to begin with. For example, in some cultures women are said to be the property of their fathers/husbands and they must obey the men in regards to marriage or even trivial decisions such as clothing. This is an example of women being oppressed, but this extends to every group and stops at nothing – the impaired, the religious, the poor, the elderly, the young, the immigrants and so forth and so on (Thompson, 2012).
Having discussed the issue of inequality and its interrelationship with both discrimination and oppression, the essay will, at this point, focus on what factors actually influence these matters. Society, of course, holds a key role in promoting and not abolishing unfair treatments through constant marginalization, disloyal competition and social comparison. Socialisation is another process that influences the way we conduct ourselves towards certain groups of people and reinforces stereotypes – for instance, some raised in a religious environment that does not agree with or recognises homosexuality, might develop a prejudice against gay people. The “rules”, the norms and the values that shape us since childhood, set the background for social inequality and lead to a
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