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Leslie Cardoso
Leslie Cardoso
Ap English 3
The JFK Inaugural Address
On January 20, 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy delivered one of America 's few standout inaugural addresses and one of the finest speeches in American history. By invoking the American dream and extending its promise to the rest of the world, Kennedy 's speech was an inspirational call to action that resonates even today. John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, The article “Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration, 50 Years on”, and a photograph of the swearing-in ceremony all contribute to an understanding and appreciation of the legacy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. All three of these documents contribute to the legacy by their different styles. These documents all
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Finally, the use of his rhetorical questions reminds us that the young president builds consensus rather than dictating. The second document, “Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration, 50 years on”, written by Eleanor Clift conveys the legacy of John F. Kennedy by the speech’s very different style than the other documents. This article, in which friends and family of John F. Kennedy share their memories of the inauguration, originally appeared in January 2011 on the Web site Daily Beast and then reprinted in Newsweek. Clift’s purpose in this article states the fact that she provides her readers with examples of him on a personal level. This way, the readers can get to know him as a person, not just a president. The tone remains cheerful at first, but halfway through it changes to a more serious tone. Clift creates an abstract diction, different from the diction that Kennedy used, through the use of the words “contingent”, “gallantly”, “impromptu”, and “rotunda”. Her diction helps set the cheerful then serious tone of this article. Clift creates her syntax through the variety of her types of sentences and paragraph lengths. Many of her sentences are long with a few short ones here and there. She has 17 paragraphs, some short and some long. Clift does use some abstract language, but it is different from the language used
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