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Leslie Fay Companies Paul Polishan apparently dominated Leslie Fay 's accounting and financial reporting functions and the individuals who were his subordinates. What implications do such circumstances pose for a company 's independent auditors? How should auditors take such circumstances into consideration when planning an audit? My question for the Leslie Fay Companies case focuses on the actions of Paul Polishan and the effect his self-established tyranny over the financial information of the Leslie Fay Companies would have on the auditing process. Paul Polishan, a 1969 accounting graduate, was hired by the Leslie Fay Companies right out of college. The Leslie Fay Companies made women 's clothing, particularly focusing on…show more content…
It is also a great deal more costly to all parties, the auditing firm and the client because it will be much more time consuming to check everything and because of the need for a much higher degree of thoroughness. If internal controls are incredibly bad or virtually nonexistent, then it is not even worth the time, effort, or hassle for an independent auditor to attempt to audit a company, such the Leslie Fay Companies. There is just too great a risk for the public accounting firm performing the independent audit to take the company on as a client. The threshold will be considerably lower and a whole lot more evidence will need to be gathered throughout the audit in order to meet this lower threshold. BDO Seidman, the public accounting firm who was the independent auditors for the Leslie Fay Companies, unfortunately, got the raw end of the deal having been caught up in this major accounting fraud, and signing off unqualified opinions for the Leslie Fay Companies ' falsified financial statements during the years the accounting fraud was taking place. The auditing program for a company such as Leslie Fay would have to be more carefully planned out. Each step of the auditing program would require a high level of scrutiny and have to be meticulously carried out to plan. I would say there has to be a focus on the firm inquiry of employees especially those under a man like Paul Polishan and a constant stand of self-independence, not allowing the

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