Leslie Marmon Silko Essay

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February 19, 2012

Wk 5 Silko Annotation

She retraces the mountain of her ancestry every single day quietly. In the wind she can smell the scent of her ancestors made from crushed pale blue leaves of the mountain. The smell is coming from up the mountain side from which her ancestors descended from, where the mountain lion laid down and ate their deer. It is better to be where she once came from, where her ancestors came from, up on that mountain watching nature. The elderly that remember it once are all gone, the old songs of ancestors are forgotten, and the story where it all began died with its memory. The memory of the culture dances in the snow frost moonlight, swam in the freezing mountain water, went through the
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The protagonist looks deep into her soul to grab her ancestry. This is what allows her to use her senses and find it in her every day bearing. The spirits of the ancestors roam the earth and go back up to that mountain where she originated from. It is because of them that she can still remember her culture, it lives within her and her surroundings. She is connected with the spirits and is unable to part with them, there is almost an interdependency with them.

Thomas from the movie Smoke Signals tries very hard to remain connected with his Native American Ancestors. Thomas likes to think of himself as a story teller like those of his ancestor tribes. He spends his time telling people stories that are based on reality and fiction in order to create symbolism and meaning to life. Arnold uses nature and its elements to describe many of his stories. An example of this is when he describes himself and Victor as children of fire and ash. Like Silko, he uses elements to describe where he came from. At times it seems as though Thomas does not really understand his ancestry but continues to try and use their ways in his story telling.

Victor struggles to identify himself as a Native American. We see him describe what an Indian is supposed to be like and it is loosely connected with his ancestry. Unlike the protagonist of the poem he is unable to connect with the land and his ancestors. The protagonist mentions that the memory of her people has
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