Lesson 1. Brooke White. Eng 2020: Introduction To Literature.

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Lesson 1 Brooke White ENG 2020: Introduction to Literature Dr. Ackerman Summer 2017 Questions: 1. I think the Witches’ Sabbath was a dream—the events described, author’s word choice, and sudden-ending of the Witches’ Sabbath all contributed to my conclusion. This affected my interpretation of the piece because as a dream, the piece emphasizes Young Goodman Brown’s distrust and uncertain feelings towards humanity. His dream was created by a subconscious thought that it is a natural instinct for all humans to become evil and impious at one point or another. If I interpreted it as a real experience, it means that I would see all people as naturally evil and impious myself—not just as an idea created by Brown’s mind. Interpreting it as a…show more content…
If he was mortal, one would think that the man would be much older than that. The fellow traveler also seems to have magical powers, he withers up a stick into a new staff and at the end of his encounter with Brown, he simply just disappears. He also seems to be familiar with everyone, he knows the name of Goody Cloyse without being prompted—and as stated before he knew Brown’s father and grandfather. The simplest clue hinting that the “stranger” is the devil is the fact that he is leading Goodman deep into the dark and sinful forest. The devil is a character who leads humans down a dark path created by sin. The connection between this character and the devil is clear. 3. Three symbols: a. The first symbol in “Young Goodman Brown” is the pink ribbons in Faith’s hair. The ribbons in this piece represent her feminine, young, innocent, purity. Faith has a giddy and up-beat personality and even skips along the street at the end of the piece—she acts like a young and innocent little girl. The pink ribbons emphasize this when they are no longer in her hair because they are found in the tree by Goodman Brown and subsequently, she is at the Witches’ Sabbath. b. The second symbol in this piece is the serpent staff of the fellow traveler. A snake is a sneaky, sinful, and deadly animal and is directly associated with evil and the devil. This association is imbedded in the bible when a serpent tempts Adam and Eve to sin by eating the apple off the tree. c. The

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