Lesson 2

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Lesson 2
Deploying a File Server
Knowledge Assessment
Fill in the Blank
Complete the following sentences by writing the correct word or words in the blanks provided. 1. The feature that enables a Windows Server 2008 computer to maintain up to 64 previous versions of a file is called shadow copies.

2. The process of granting users access to file server shares by reading their permissions is called authorization. 3. In Windows, the fat32 file system is limited to volumes no larger than 32 GB.

4. The drive interface that is preferred for network servers is called SCSI.

5. A mirrored drive installation that also uses redundant host adapters is called disk duplexing.

6. The combination of permissions
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An object that assigns permissions. 6. Which of the following statements about the DiskPart command-line utility is not true? a. DiskPart contains a superset of the commands supported by the Disk Management snap-in. b. Using DiskPart, you can create four primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition. c. DiskPart prohibits you from unintentionally performing actions that might result in data loss. d. DiskPart can manage both basic disks and dynamic disks. 7. Which of the following statements are requirements for extending a volume on a dynamic disk? a. If you want to extend a simple volume, you can use only the available space on the same disk if the volume is to remain simple. b. The volume must have a file system (a raw volume) before you can extend a simple or spanned volume. c. You can extend a simple or spanned volume if you formatted it using the FAT or FAT32 file systems. d. You can extend a simple volume across additional disks if it is not a system volume or a boot volume. 8. Which of the following statements is not true about effective permissions? a. Inherited permissions take precedence over explicit permissions. b. Deny permissions always override Allow permissions. c. When a security principal receives Allow permissions from multiple groups, the permissions are combined to form the effective permissions. d. Effective permissions include both permissions inherited from
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