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SOC140 Lesson 3 Short answer
1. Explain what functions racial beliefs serve for the dominant group according to the functionalist perspective. Conversely, explain what dysfunctions to society are caused by prejudice and discrimination.
The functionalist perspective emphasizes that parts of society are structured to maintain its stability. Racist ideologies believe they have a moral justification for maintaining a society that usually deprives certain groups of their rights and privileges. Some of the Racist beliefs or ideologies relieve the dominant group of the responsibility to problems faced by subordinate groups like education or any social problem such groups might have.
There are lots of ways racism is dysfunctional to a society,
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At first I was confused because I was definitely old enough to drink and it couldn’t have been my skin color because he served me half way. Then it dawned on me. My ID has my full name, my middle name being Mohammed and last being Siad. The man did not like Muslims or Arabs as I was told by other people in nearby bars. I have put in a complaint against him and to my surprise, the complaints against him was a lot. That’s the only time I have been a victim of racism.
3. What is brain drain? What are its effects on the U.S.? On other countries? How does the U.S. benefit from illegal immigration?
Brain drain is the migration of skilled workers and professionals to the United States or other countries in hopes of better pay, who are also desperately needed by their home countries. It leaves a temporary void of skilled workers in the countries they are from. In the United States, those skilled workers contribute to society and economy benefits from it. Illegal immigration can sometimes be benefitted because such people are willing to work for less or “under the table” which can help business owners prosper for a time being because their costs go down.
4. Often in research, religious groups are compared to one another on social and political attitudes and beliefs (e.g., Roman Catholics are compared to Protestants, Muslims, and Jews). Discuss why this might be problematic and

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