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Lesson Concepts/Academic Vocabulary Words are listed in alphabetic order, not in the order in which they will be taught. Downcycled: a recycling practice that involved breaking an item down into its component elements and/or materials. Gyres: garbage patches of cloudy plastic pollutants that have been formed by the ocean currents. Currently there are five large gyres present in the world’s oceans (Bryce, 2015). Life of a Plastic Bottle: Plastic products that are not properly recycled can end up in landfills; as plastics sit in a landfill, they become compressed amongst other layers of garbage, when rainwater flows through the landfill, the water absorbs the water-soluble compounds in the layers of…show more content…
• What conceptions and misconceptions or misunderstandings might learners have related to this lesson? • Students need to be able to identify plastic products and know how they use them in their everyday life. • Students need to have a general idea of the term recycling. • Students need to understand that environmental issues are world problems. • The Student’s prior knowledge will be determined during the “trash bag” activity and all the discussions present in the lesson plan. • The educator will clear up misconceptions about an individual’s impact on the earth. • The educator will clear up misconceptions about the effect of a plastic bottle. (The life of a plastic bottle). Lesson Procedure Resources, Materials, and Technology: 1. Power-point 2. Accessibility to computers 3. Plastic Bottle Video 4. Trash-bag; filled with recyclables and garbage. 5. Poster Paper 6. Art Supplies (markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.) 7. Recycling Can. (Blue if possible) 8. Approval from cooperating teachers to present research to their class. 9. Approval from lunch coordinator and administrator to procedure with class plan in the cafeteria. Instructional Plan – Date: __________ Estimated Time: 50 minutes 1. Take and dump out the trash bag that contains recyclables and garbage items. The contents should be visible to all students in the class. 2. Discuss with students if these items should have been thrown away. Together, go through the items ad

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