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Lesson Structure Time Student Actions Teacher Actions
Do Now: 5 min. The Do Now is: Is it fair to punish someone for something that another member of their ethnic, religious, political group did?

Students will be asked to share their answers to the question voluntarily and some be called on. To see if the students have a general understanding of the topic and an introduction to the lesson, I will review the Do Now with the class and ask for student answers. Mini-Lesson: 20min Students will actively listen and ask questions as I:
• Discusses the topic and aim.
• Connect the Do Now question to today’s mini lesson
• Present the focus/key concepts
• Introduce relevant vocabulary
• Provide direction for work period I
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The mini lesson will be presented by the teacher orally and supported by a power point presentation that hits on the major points of the topic.

Does the US have a history of discriminating against Japanese Americans?

American Sentiment Prior to WWII

• 1891 Japanese immigrants come to US predominantly taking agricultural jobs.
• Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1924 which prevented Japanese immigration to the U.S.

American Sentiment During WWII
• November 1941 Munson Report released. Its purpose was to investigate the loyalty of Japanese Americans. Not known if it influence FDR decision with Executive Order 9066.
• December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.
• Bitterness from attack impacts American sentiments towards Japanese Americans (Racism, Lack of Trust, and Undesirable).

Executive Order 9066
• President Roosevelt Signs Executive Order 9066.
• Order authorizes officials to designate military areas and to exclude citizens from those areas for national security purposes.
• Many areas of West Coast were designated military areas. Those excluded (Japanese Americans) were sent to relocation camps.

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We will be taking a deeper look at Executive Order 9066 in greater detail along will images from that depict life for those in internment camps.
• Accompanying the executive order and images will be a written and photo analysis work sheet for each source. Students will work on the analysis sheet in class.
• Students will be told that they will have to complete the worksheets and bring them to the next class where they will be collected and graded.
• Groups are expected to share their thoughts and are expected to work together the analysis sheets in class.
Work Period: 18 min Students will be organized into of 4 or 5 and complete the task discussed at the end of the mini lesson. • I will circulate and monitor the room to make sure that each group is completing the task, focused and working efficiently. I troubleshoot any problems students are having understanding the material. I will give students a five minute warning before wrapping up the exercise.

Conclusion: 2 min Students will be reminded that they need to complete the analysis sheets for each source for homework and that it will be collected prior to the start of next class. • Students will be reminded that they are expected to finish the worksheets in the packet on their own for homework and that it will be collected and graded when they turn it in next
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