Lesson Learned 3 : Inability

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Lesson learned 3: Inability to identify exact requirements and inability to control scope change Scope management begins at the beginning of a project. In the planning process group, two types of “Scope” need to be carefully defined: product scope and project scope. The product scope here would be the features and functions requirements of the e-Borders system. The project scope here should be how the work would be done including the deadline for the project completion. A scope baseline need to be approved with the project scope statement plan and work breakdown structure defined. After the scope baseline is formed, any change to the scope should be performed with a formal change control procedure. The e-Boarders project…show more content…
The detailed solution design was developed after Raytheon had been awarded the contract. “The Department had incorporated Raytheon’s proposed design within the contract with the company. But the proposals had been based on too high-level requirements, leading to disputes after contract award over whether proposals would meet actual needs.” [2]. Here, the high-level requirements could not serve the purpose of scopes which would state what was included and what was not. This is the fundamental cause of prolonged time span and overrun budget of this project. Because the Home office failed to objectively define detailed scopes, controlling of the scope became very difficult. “the Department has little clear idea of how it expects business processes to change.” [2]. And the fact that the Home office has little knowledge of managing changes did not help. Proper change control procedure mentioned before had no signs of appearing throughout the project. However, because there was no scope baseline from the Department, requirements inevitably needed to be growing and shifting all the time. As the result of this, the Home office would think Raytheon’s work unsuccessful, while Raytheon would find that it was the requirements change that hindered their processes. Therefore, the lesson learned here is that for a complex project, a well-developed, well-validated set of requirements is extremely important. Also, a proper change control procedure ensures
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