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Classroom Behavior Management
Guidelines for Success


How do the most effective teachers… • manage behavior in their multi-ethnic, multi-cultural classrooms? • develop and use classroom rules and routines? • use classroom consequences that work? • design positive behavioral supports for challenging behaviors? • avoid career- and health-threatening frustration and burnout?

The establishment and maintenance of safe and supportive classrooms that contribute to high quality student achievement are critical skills that are rarely taught at the university. Consequently, those skills must be crafted and honed “on the job.” Each school and each classroom presents its own unique challenges, and because
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We have divided them into three segments:

• The Needs of All the Students – The essentials for every student in every classroom Link to this section • The Needs of More Challenging Students – Managing challenging behavior effectively Link to this section • The Needs of the Teacher – Securing professional support and managing stress Link to this section

Classroom Behavior Management
Guidelines for Success

The Needs of All the Students

Culture Counts! The effective management of any classroom starts with a solid understanding of who the students are. Schools today are diverse groupings of children, youth, and adults who see the world through their own lenses of experience, culture, and ethnicity. The teacher who fails to take into account the profound influence of these human differences can never expect to truly reach his or her students in a meaningful way. Effective teaching and effective classroom management means recognizing that the classroom is full of “other people’s children,” and the teacher’s first task is to learn who they are.

The many suggestions in these guidelines must be taken in the context of cultural competence. What may be an effective behavior management procedure for a classroom of middle class, European-American students may be wholly inappropriate for students of Haitian descent.

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