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Detailed Lesson plan in Science and Health
Grade III

I. Objective

1) Classify foods according to the three basic food groups. 2) State that eating the right kind of foods in the right amount is necessary for ones growth and development. 3) Maintain good health habits.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: The Food You Eat Ref: T. M. Science and Health 3 pp. 47-49 T. X. Science and Health 3 pp. 56-59

B. Concept: Go, Grow and Glow foods are the basic food groups needed by children. Eating a variety of nutritious food in the right amount is necessary for one growth and development.

C. Values:
Good Health habits
Learning the importance of nutritious foods D. Processes: Observing, Describing, Classifying

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(Students will read the lecture) Go foods are the fat and carbohydrates rich food. These are the starchy foods like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. They give us energy which we can use for work and play.

Teachers Activities

Jane, give another example of go foods.

Correct! Myrna, please stand up. How about oatmeal. Is it a kind of go foods?


Children, what does your mother cook if there’s an occasion such as birthday?

Elsa, will you please answer the question?

Do you think it is a go food? Very good.

Is there any example? Okay Reggie, what is it?

Again, what is go foods? Everybody read.

Next kind of foods is grow foods. Let’s find out if what foods belong to this kind of food. Everybody read the meaning. Please make it clear and analyze because afterwards, you will give an example of it. Everybody read.

Student Activities

Another example of go foods is cassava.

Yes ma’am. Oatmeal belongs to go foods because it’s kind of cereal and it is more on carbohydrates.

Mother prepares to cook especially spaghetti and pancit.

Yes, because it’s a pasta and it is starchy.

The cup cake or any other cake is another example of go foods because it is starchy

(Everybody will read the meaning of go foods).

Grow foods is also called protein-rich foods. They are good for the growth and development of our body. They help our body grow and repair injuries. They are the meat poultry, fish, chesses, beans and legumes and nuts.

Teacher Activities

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