Lesson Plan For Grade K 5, Language Arts

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Digital Scrapbook Lesson Plan for Grade K-5, Language Arts Prepared by Ms. Katayama, Liberal Studies Major at Chico State University OVERVIEW & PURPOSE Technology is fluid; constantly changing and improving the way society functions and communicates with one another. The importance of implementing technology in an academic setting is crucial due to the modern world being a highly technological economy. Cell phones, computers, ipads, and other technological instruments have made its way into almost every industry, including the education field, and will only continue to increase. With a technological device in hand, students are broadening their learning by being more creative, imaginative, and further engaging their cognitive thinking as opposed to being restricted to writing with paper and pencil. Statistics show that students that interact with tablets and computers score higher on tests and overall perform better in the classroom. Therefor, teachers should do what they can comprehend how these technological devices work and find fun, creative, lessons for students. The main purpose of this lesson is to have students successfully create their own scrapbooks by using descriptions, pictures, and drawings that illustrates what each student is passionate about. Ideas could be hobbies such as dance, basketball, fishing, rock collections, etc., or volunteering at the local animal shelter. By using the app, Story Creator, students will interact with either a tablet, ipad,
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