Lesson Plan For Second Grade Level Students

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Introduction: The lesson plan was conducted and created for second grade level students. Currently, we are performing our practicum hours with three students at Bannach Elementary School, a public school located in Stevens Point, WI. Bannach Elementary school houses nearly 450 students, ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade. Objectives and Expectations: The objective for learning in our second lesson plan was working with place value and missing number problems in addition and subtraction once again. We also created word problems with missing numbers to help the students understand how to write out equations that they find in word problems. Lesson Plan 2 (What Happened?): Overall, students displayed an understanding of topics covered in lesson plan one. Students displayed understanding of base-ten forms, value placement, addition, and subtraction problems; however, students still had minor issues with the “missing parts” problems. Intro Activity 1 forced to students to use lessons they learned from the lesson plan 1. Students made major improvements on all topics required of them, especially with both borrowing and carrying required problems. A plausible reason for this improvement is the presentation format of Intro Activity and the extra one-on-one learning environment this activity created. When presented with the story problems in Activity 1, students still displayed some issues on how to approach and solve the problems at hand; however, the students were
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