Lesson Plan: Graphic Organizer

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This has the potential to enhance learning by allowing students to get to the heart of more underlying issues in a number of core subjects. They can also be used to help learners of all ages structure their ideas so the most important are focused upon. In a number of studies, comprehension and vocabulary knowledge have improved with their use as well (How to Use, 2011). Comparative relationships, concepts and relationships between like and unlike objects are very powerful tools used with graphic relationships. It is important, though, that the instructor accurately explains the thinking process behind graphic organizers, and the different types and ways they can be used. Various types of graphic organizers are useful, depending on content and age appropriateness. For example:
Clocks learning to tell time, using to write details in order
Echarts main idea breaking into supporting facts for idea
Cluster Topics in Center, sub topics branch, supports branch further
Fact and Opinion Topic at top, break into two columns; fact and opinion
KWL Chart three columns; What I know, What I want to know, What I learned
Venn Circles overlap to find similarities and differences
Part B Lesson is on World Myths. In this lesson, we explain that myths are the world's oldest stories. For this example,…
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