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Lesson Plan
Keysha Starks
ESL 533N – SEI Advanced Methodologies of Structured English Immersion
January 16, 2013

Resource 2: SIOP Lesson Plan humbley Date: January 16, 2013 Grade/Class/Subject: Kindergarten/ math/ Unit/Theme: Shapes CT Standards: K.G.A.2 Student will be able to correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size
Content Objective(s):
CT.K.3.1.1 Identify objects in the classroom that match examples of the Shapes located on the Love2Learn Wall.

Language Objective(s): -
Student will be able to identify objects that are 2d located around the classroom to match the shapes on the fun wall. Students will identify the following shapes
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To show that they are ready each student will be sitting on assigned letter on the carpet with their hands folded in their lap. Teacher will sit in front of them modeling the behavior. Once each student is on the carpet sitting nicely teacher gives each child one of the laminated pictures of an item in the classroom.The teacher then reads aloud the content and language content to the students so they know what the lesson is. Then the teacher introduces the Velcro board and the names of six shapes on the top as well as the picture of the shape. Teacher calls on each child with a 3x5 card and ask them to place the picture in the correct category on the Velcro board. (for example: Kayla what do you have a picture of “table” and it where do you think the “table” goes pointing to the six different shapes on the Velcro board) Repeat until each child who had a card has gone. Teacher then tells the students that at your desk you will find Yellow “Just shape me Journals”. “Today we are going to use what we just learned to make a book of shapes, look around the room and draw the item or items that fit with the shape. Please focus on the smart board so you can see an example of what your books should look like. Include a sentence with your picture: If you look at my book I choose a table and placed it under a rectangle

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