Lesson Plan To Illustrate Short And Long Vowel Sounds

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LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: ** TEACH IT, PRACTICE IT, TEST IT! ** Teacher Candidate: Course: LESSON PREPARATION [before the lesson] Before the lesson, I will find a series of age-appropriate word pairs to illustrate short and long vowel sounds. Ideally, these words will be ones in which students will be familiar with in their everyday life. I will also create example sentences using words that clearly illustrate short and long vowel sounds for students to identify. Finally, I will create worksheets to allow students to work in groups to identify short and long vowel sounds. Topic: Short and long vowel sounds: The same vowels can sound very different, depending on how they are used! Concept: Students will gradually progress from identifying isolated vowel sounds in words, to seeing the words used in context, to creating their own sentences. Subject: Reading Grade: 2 Primary Objective: Phonetic awareness Classroom Diversity and Differentiated Instruction: (How will you teach the different type of learners in your classroom?) Students will be asked to work in groups after the teacher identifies short and long vowel sounds in isolated word pairings and in sentences. The groupings will allow students to individually discuss any lack of clarity they may have with a peer, which can be less intimidating than asking questions in a group setting. The teacher will circulate around the classroom during the group activity to talk about any potential confusion the students might have.

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