Lesson Plan for Grade 7

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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English VII

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: a. unlock difficult terms through context clues b. use information presented in a creation story to infer, to evaluate, and to express critical ideas c. appreciate creation myths d. understand stress rules for two-syllable words which are heteronyms e. use proper stress f. perform a role play about the story read II. Subject Matter
Topic: Explaining Our Beginnings
Reference: Grade 7 English Learning Package
Materials: video clip, laptop, LCD projector, speakers, cartolina,
Skills: Speaking Skills and Critical thinking skills
Value: Appreciating Creation Myths III. Procedure

Teacher’s Activity
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1. In the PROject Runway, the models are tasked to proJECT. 2. Don’t deSERT me here in the DEsert. 3. I ObJECT giving this kind of Object to my friend. 4. I’m going to preSENT my Christmas PREsent in the party. 5. It's the referee's job to reCORD the new world REcord. 6. UpDATE me with the latest UPdate.I want you to underline once the nouns which are heteronyms and underline twice the verbs.In column A, write the nouns and their correct stress. While in column B, write verbs and stress correctly. g. GeneralizationSo what did you observe? Who can give the rule for two-syllable heteronyms? h. ApplicationWe will have a contest. You will need to come up with a role play of the story, “How the World was Created.” Use the correct pronunciation and stress of words in your script. A deduction of point per word mispronounced will be given. I will give you 5 minutes each to prepare. | _: It’s about a couple having a fight. They are quarrelling._: Popoy wants Basha to do something she doesn’t want and they’re starting to realize their differences._: The girl broke up with Popoy._: He was very lonely. He can’t go on with his life and he wants his girlfriend back. * MIST * VOID * ABODE * REALM * REPROACH * DESOLATE_: The story of Adam and Eve from the Bible._: The story of Malakas and Maganda, wherein the first man and woman came from bamboo._: They are Tungkung Langit and Alunsina._: Where they came from was not known. They just appeared from

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