Lesson Plan in English

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A Lesson Plan in English I (First Year High School) Prepared by: Aileen Mae A. Alug I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of a 60 minute period, 85% of the students will be able to: a. define the different kinds of sentences according to structure; b. give examples in each kind of structure; c. show interest in constructing a sentence in each kinds of sentences according to structure correctly. II. SUBJECT MATTER: a. TOPIC: Kinds of Sentences According to Structure b. MATERIALS USED: Chalkboard, chalk, eraser, visual aids, pictures c. REFERENCES: http://www.studyandexam.com/sentence-types.html,…show more content…
Can you now give more examples in each kind?” The teacher will make sure to call students to the board and give directions both verbally and written. Use higher order thinking skills to promote student interaction and address the needs of the children. IV. EVALUATION Quiz Identify the sentences below according to their structures. Write S if the sentence is Simple, CD if it is Compound Sentence, CX for Complex Sentence, and CC for Compound-Complex Sentence. __CX___1. Although she is pretty, she is cruel. __CD___2. I knocked, but you didn't open the door. ___S____3. He was able to carry the heavy bag. __CC___4. Before the sun rises, the whole village awakens, and the farmers go to the field. __CC___5. The village became peaceful, but the monsters never stayed away since the strange man appeared. __CX___6. When he handed in his homework, he forgot to give the teacher the last page. __CD___7. I tried to speak Spanish, and my friend tried to speak English. __CD___8. I helped him and he became happy. __CX___9. Until writing elements became easily available, the epics were handed down in the oral tradition. ___S___10. She ate an apple. V. ASSIGNMENT On a ½ sheet of paper, write 3 examples each in simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentence. Underline and label the independent clause and dependent clause you found in the sentences. A Lesson Plan in English (First Year High
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